Friday, December 23, 2011

Crazy Flight a classic helicopter game now available on N9 Harmattan

I created this game - Crazy Flight, when I was on vacation in india, to please my nephew, so he can play on my phone and I can work on my computer.

Game is created using QML and C++ and backend and works on N9/N950 Harmattan plaform. Well programing did not take much time but creating graphics and polishing it took a while and around a week time I was able to publish this game on Ovi store for N9.

Game is vary simple to play,  you have to touch on screen to make plane go up and release touch to go down and avoid obstacle which may come.

You can download this game from Ovi store here. It free game with Ads.
Mobile link is here.

Here are few snapshot from game. If you have any comments I am glad to have those.


  1. Awesome thanks :)

    hope to see your apps in here as well