Sunday, November 23, 2014

Your Shot Ubuntu Touch Scope

You might have heard about Ubuntu Touch, and one of unique feature of Ubuntu Touch is Scope. Recently they also announced Ubuntu Touch Scope competition. This got me interested, I wanted to learn about Scope development, so I thought to take part as well in the competition.

You can get more information about competition here.

Recently I discovered Your Shot photo community, I like pictures uploaded there and I visit site every day to checkout newly updated photos, so I thought it is good candidate for Scope development and I decided to write score for Your Shot photo community.

Your Shot has nice Jason based web API and I was able to create scope quite easily using Ubuntu Touch socpe's Jason template. In fact I was able to get decent working scope in few hours using template. Documentation is also quite good and rich with API Reference, Guide and Tutorials.

Here is demo for the same running on my desktop.

And Few snapshot.

It looks like now I am ready to write more complex Scope but may be later.