Saturday, October 15, 2011

Audiobook Reader now available for N9 / N950 ( Harmattan ) on Nokia Store

I recently updated my Audiobook reader application for N9 Harmattan platform. It is also supported on N950. You can download it from Nokia Store from here.

For those who dont know about this application, Audiobook reader is simple Audiobook player which lets you add audiobook with single large audio file or folder with audio files for each chapter. It automatically bookmark the last position of audiobook and resume playback from that position. It also allow to add custom bookmark and playback from certain chapter from Audiobook.

For N9, I completely reimplemented UI layer to give native look and feel. For this version I am also showing book cover image, downloaded from AWS to give more feel of book.

Same as N900 version, this version also support custom bookmark support and chapter selection support. Volume can be changed by using Hardware key.


  1. You should polish this up a little & charge a small fee @ the Nokia Store.
    Maemo6x/N9 users/owners will gladly pay for a decent app like this!

  2. Hi Jed,

    Thank you for feedback, What kind of change you would like to have ? I have pending todo feature list that I am planning to next release, will add your request as well to it.

    1. Hi Kunal,

      Nothing specific yet....
      Once I start to use it regularly I'll definitely make some suggestions.
      I haven't had my N9 for very long yet...

      Can I suggest you start a thread here:
      Or here....
      IMO the former is the best location but both are okay.

      They are the most active sub-forums in the entire Meamo6x (MeeGo-Harmattan) community.
      Most program authors start threads there to get feed-back from end-users.

      ATM few people in the community actually know about your program.
      Placing your program at would be a good idea too.

      All the best!

    2. Thank you, I will check the forum you mentioned, for n9-apps, I listed all my apps there already.

    3. Yeah you definitely should have a presence at
      It really is the "heart & soul" of Maemo6x (MeeGo-Harmattan).

      You can also place your thread at
      It makes less sense for several reasons, & is far lower volume traffic. Up to you both can't hurt, but that does encourage a split of the community IMO.

  3. Hi,

    Love the app. I'm missing a "sleep" timer, which would work like this:
    - Some kind of prefs to set a sleep timer, for any given time (like 42mins)
    - Set the timer, and once it's reached, app will pause playback and do the usual timestamp record for later resuming.


    If you need help, i would be happy to do this feature and send you a patch. Mail me if you're interested.

    This wonderful app could use a better icon, worthy of this awesome app.


    1. Hi, Thank you for your comment. I think it would be quite easy to implement, sure I will add this feature. Will mail you if need some more information.

      Regarding icon, I am not graphics artist, but I try to do my best, Do you have any suggestion, reference?


  4. I am an member with several audiobooks. Will your audiobook player work with the copied protected files from www.Audible.Com? They have the extention ".aa" I recently saw that you ported your player over to the Belle operating system as well. Will that version play audiobooks from

  5. ^Be nice to know if the N9/950 client will be able to the same.

    @Kunal, have you started threads at TMO or FMC yet? (the former's better)
    I've had my N9 for a while now, so I will test this app soon...

    TMO =
    FMC =

  6. @Salmentoj, No currently no version support file from, I have no plan as of now.

    @Jed, No i have not started thread yet, I got enough feedback for my next release. I will start thread for my another release.

  7. @Kunal

    Good news, I look forward to seeing your thread at TMO!
    (see the sub-forums I suggested in prior posts)

    You should consider charging for this app soon, or at least making it donation-ware.
    I'd happily pay a buck or two or more for a polished app of this kind.


  8. Hi,

    I have a large library of audiobooks and its nice that I can use my N9 to play the books. I'd like few things polished to make this a 5* app.

    1) support for audio chapters in AAC files (like iTunes/iPods have)
    2) use the embedded cover image (saves bandwidth)
    3) no ads (also for saving bandwidth)

    With these improvements, I'd be happy to pay my euros for this app.


  9. @Jed, Well I have seen some people complaning about crash and fact that I use phonon library which has some bug which prevent me from providing certain features, thus I am reluctant to make it paid version, so its currently ad sponcered version. But I will see, if people are happy with free app then might publish paid version, I just dont want people to pay and then latter complain.

    @Juha V, Can you provide more details regarding "1) support for audio chapters in AAC files", I don't use itunes or ipod, so dont have much idea what you are refering to.

  10. If people give you very negative reviews after paying one or two $.
    Well... they're nothing but cheapskates IMO...

    You'll always get people giving stupid reviews, simply because they had to pay.
    They usually give 1 or 2 stars, & then provide zilch info. why it's so bad.

    It's okay to give three, two, or one stars, but one must back that up with intelligent reasoning.
    Not a whiny remark that explains little about why the app is so bad.