Thursday, July 28, 2011

Audiobook reader New Features, Chapter selection and custom Bookmark support added

Today my next version of Audiobook reader application got published on Ovi Store. This version include some new feature with some other impoverishment.

New feature are as below,

  • Chapter Selection, If Audiobook has multiple audio file for individual chapter then now you can select and play individual chapter.
  • Custom Bookmark support, In case Audiobook is one large audio file and you found some interesting chapter then you can add bookmark, Bookmark will save play position. Latter if you wish to hear that chapter, you can go to bookmark screen and play that bookmark.
Both bookmark and chapter selection feature are available from main Booklist screen. In following snap, by pressing icon next to play icon will lead you to bookmark/ chapter screen.

Following is Chapter/Bookmark Screen. By pressing Icon next to back icon, will show chapter or bookmark screen.

In following snaps is showing chapter screen. On this screen if you press book icon, it will switch screen to bookmark screen.

Following snap is showing Bookmark screen, by pressing list icon you can switch back to Chapter Screen.

You can add custom bookmark from player screen, by pressing + icon and then entering bookmark name on Add Bookmark dialog.

Hope you will like this new feature, If you have any comment please feel free to add comment.


  1. This app dosent seem to work on Nokia N9, if i predd "Add Book" or "Add Folder" all it shows is an empty N950 folder and nowhere to navigate. An there is no such folder at all on my phone.

  2. hi,
    thanks for your feedback. to add navigare folders you need to click on folder. after clicking on in it will show sub folder.

    i have craeted a demo on youtube. it might help you to understan app more.

  3. This app looks good, but it does not work on my N9. When starting there are the two buttons flashing up and disappearing immediately. There is a doubled status bar at the top, meaning the bars appear doubled one below the other. There is only text "No Audiobook added yet" but I can't add or select any folder.

  4. Hi Horst,
    Thanks for using my app. I am not sure what could be issue, but looks like some firmware issue, Can you tell me your firmware version ? I will try with same firmware.


  5. hi Horst, i recently updated firmware to PR1.1. and i faced same problem as you. i resolved issue anduploaded fix to ovi store. hope to get it passed soon.

  6. olof the hairy, chief of all vikingsFebruary 11, 2012 at 7:58 AM

    wonderful application! this is not just a great audiobookplayer, it is the most user-friendly directory based mp3 player out there, miles above all the overbloated tag-only junk for the n9. can you perhaps find a way to display longer file names, which are common with classical tracks? horizontal scrolling might work. i love you, man.

  7. Thank you, I am glad that you liked it.
    Yes, I am planning to show longer file names, Thought I am not sure how( I am thinking between using scrolling( marquee text) or popup dialog. BTW you are talking about longer text in booklist page right ? or you need this in player screen as well ?

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