Friday, August 5, 2011

Un-boxing Nokia N9 Dev Kit (Nokia N950)

As being Qt Ambassador, Yesterday I received Nokia N9 Dev Kit in a cute little box. Box itself was quite interesting indicating new user interaction concept - swipe interaction and purpose of dev kit - Go Create application.

Opening the box revealed the mighty N950.

Though, its development device it has great polished Hardware with equally polished OS. As using N900 for so long,  It took little time to get comfortable to new swipe interaction. But After getting used to it, I realized it quite easy to navigate around using swipe.

After swiping through some of application and getting feel of device. I launched the terminal. Terminal software also come with new angle. Allow you to change color schema with swipe and zoom fonts with pinch gesture.

And as its development device, it also comes with SDK software for all major development platform. Now I am thinking which of my Application I should port first for new Nokia N9.

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