Saturday, July 16, 2011

My new 3D Plasma HD TV (Samsung PN43D490A1D-S)

Recently I purchased Samsung 43 inch 3d Plasma tv (PN43D490A1D-S). Its entry level model thus I got only one 3d shutter glass model(SSG-3500CR).

I have tried 2-3 shutter glasses from Samsung and I feel that glasses which I got with TV put less strain on eyes and don't feel flicker of LCD of shutter glasses with this model.

As soon as I got it, I tried to play some HD content on it and result looks great from 4-5 feet distance.

It got one USB port and 3 HDMI port. We can plug USB drive and play video from it. You need to select USB drive as input source and then it will show file manager and there you can browse for content. It has inbuilt movie player. Which play movie from USB drive. I tried to use this inbuilt media player and found it quite nice and useful. It recognize many video format include mp4  and divx. I also tried some mkv file which has dual audio support. It can play that source as well and allow to change language.

Now that I tried 2D content,  I wanted to try some 3d content.

To watch 3d content,I connected my laptop via HDMI cable and made my tv primary monitor then played some 3d content from youtube.

It took me quite some time to figure out that, that to watch 3d content from 3d tv. I need to play video that is in half side by side (half sbs) format other kind of video want give 3d effect with 3d tv with shutter technology.

After starting half sbs movie, you need change to 3D mode from 2D and select side by side format. Now put on glasses and can enjoy 3D content.

After playing 3D content from my laptop, I downloaded some sample half SBS 3D content and tied to play it with its inbuilt media player. I feel that content looks great on inbuilt player than from PC.

Thats all now I am going to watch some moive on my new Tv. Thanks for reading.