Sunday, December 5, 2010

Audiobook Reader for N900 usign Qt and Phonon

So after long time I found enough time to complete my Audiobook Reader application. This application was in extra-devel repository for long time but there were few problem with it, now finally I worked on those bugs and I am satisfied enough to share information about it.

Now days almost all novels are available in audio format and I am huge fan of those audio book. Previously I was using n900's music player to hear those audio books. But music player dose not preserve last playing position and this create problem when phone restart.

So I created this Audiobook Reader application.Key features are listed below.
  • You can add multiple audiobook.
  • It support both individual audio file which contain whole book, or can add folder which contain books audio file.
  • You can bookmark position in audiobook and can resume from same position.
  • It remember bookmark for all audiobook.This mean you can play multiple audiobook simultaneously.
Following are snaps from  application.

Above snaps is of Book list view. This view list currently added books, 
  • Add Audio button is used to add single audio file which contain whole book content.
  • Add Folder button is used to add folder, which contain multiple audio file for book. Note that you need to select folder which contain audio files, not the individual files.
  • Pokemon icon is used to start playing individual audio book.
  • Cross mark icon is used to remove this book from book list.

In above snaps are from  Reading view.This view list currently played book's title, track name and artist's name.
  • > button is used to play book
  • || button is used to pause book
  • x button is used to stop book, it will put reading position to beginning.
  • <)) button is used to increase/ decrease volume
Currently you can download this application to your n900 from extra-devel repository.


  1. Would be great to see an option to play audio books at a faster speed.

  2. That's nice suggestion, will try to see if that possible with phonon.