Friday, August 20, 2010

Debugging lzo(.lzo) file in maemo

If you are facing segmentation fault in Maemo device than there are some tools available to retrieve core dump files from the device. These tools are in the sp‐rich‐core package. sp‐rich‐core  will produce a core dump file and also additional information about process, most of /proc data, last lines from syslog, df, ifconfig output and much more.  All of such information is added to a
rich core dump package (.rcore) and then, it is compressed in .lzo file.

The core dumps by default are saved on directory /media/mmc1/core‐dumps on device.

To uncompressed core dump you need to use rich-core-extract tool. The package sp‐rich‐core‐postproc provides the rich‐core‐extract utility, which extracts the information from a rich core dump file that GDB can read.

To install this tool type following

apt-get install sp-rich-core sp-rich-core-postproc

Now to uncompress lzo file and to get core dump file use following command.

rich-core-extract core_file.lzo

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