Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy Chickens game for N900 (Maemo) using Qt

Recently I started to learn Qt' graphics view and I decided to put my learning in to some action and as output I created this game called crazy chickens. Its classic egg catcher game.

Goal of game is to catch eggs before they touch the ground. You get four chances if you let egg fall on ground. Speed of game increase as you catch more eggs. To make Motu(the fat boy) catch egg in to basket you need to touch hen which produced the egg. Game dose not take gravity into account so speed of egg remain constant till it fall to ground.

I already uploaded this game to maemo's extra-devel repository, so if you want to try the game enable extra-devel repository. I am also planning to promote this game to extra-testing repository soon so this game should be available in extra-testing repository as well.

Some snaps of this game from my N900.

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