Monday, March 29, 2010

Final Puyo, game for N900

Its took time for me to update my game with final version, because mostly this time I was busy in reading books but as soon as I got time. I fixed performance problem in game, implemented scoring system and done some minor modification.

Performance problem was kind on ignorance from my side than actually a problem. I was drawing a large image in small area every now and than. So most time was going in to scaling image to make it fit to draw in small area. I reduced my image size to draw area and from then onwards game is running smooth on N900.
Here is link to debian file,for you to try on you N900.Please make sure that you have qt 4.6 installed before installing this debian package. I am also planning to ad this game on maemo extra devel repository, then onwards you will be able to download game from N900's application manager.

To play game shake phone left or right to move falling smilies accordingly. Goal is to arrange smiley of same color in horizontal,vertical or square of four to make them disappear.Game is vary simple and dose not support rotation of smiles and dose not change speed with time. Game will end smiley touch top of board.

Following are few snaps from new Puyo.

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