Thursday, June 26, 2014

Audiobook Reader for BB10 now got Built for Blackberry status

Recently I upgraded my Audiobook Reader application pro version for BB10.

This version contains many UI related changes and now it is more aligned to Blackberry design guideline and now it is also awarded Built for Blackberry status.

Apart form UI related changes, this version contains two major changes.

Now it Book auto pauses in case it detect phone call activity.

And there was a very critical bug in application which prevents book to be added from SD card. Though issue was related to BB10 OS, I found one work around and now adding books from SD card works as expected.

Full list of features in current version is as below.
  • Allows adding single file or whole folder with book audio data
  • Supports adding custom bookmark
  • Supports browsing mp3 chapter files and play selected mp3 chapter file
  • Supports chapter skip
  • Supports 2 min, 1 min, 30 sec skip option
  • Supports auto pause on call
  • Supports Play/Pause using HW buttons
  • Supports custom cover art download
  • Advance file browser
  • Supports sleep timer
  • Supports shuffle
  • and some more...
Following is demo for current version.

Hope you will like the updates.


  1. Not sure if my other comment made it through. Doesn't look like it.

    I was asking if it would be possible to add Bluetooth control to this app. In my use it is the only thing missing. I listen over bluetooth connection in my vehicle on my commutes. Other similar apps to yours have this feature so I know it is possible. The other apps I am referring to are Aurora Audiobook Player and Play-a-Book. Both apps work with the hardware buttons in my vehicle when connected by bluetooth. It makes it easy to pause and restart without using the handset. I own the other apps as well but keep coming back to your app as I feel it has the best interface of all the ones I have tested.



  2. Also, while I am requesting features, it might be beneficial to have a look at these classes, I believe they will show up when you adjust the volume etc. so you know "What's playing" if the app is in the background:


    I believe the Play-a-Book app uses some or all of these classes to great effect. :-)

  3. This might help with the bluetooth control:

    He mentions play, stop, next, previous commands in his OP, so maybe I was on the right track above with the NowPlaying api's. :-)

    1. Hello Kevin,

      Thanks for your feedback, I had plan to add Bluetooth support for quite sometime now, but somehow I was not motivated enough, but now that you requested it, I will start working on it.
      Thanks for feedback and using my app.

  4. Adding from SD was critical feature. Good work!

  5. I like the app but when the screen is off and the file it is on gets done it stops instead of continuing to the next file in the book. This is the only issue I have as well.