Sunday, April 14, 2013

Audiobook Reader for Ubuntu-Touch

I have been exploring and working on Ubuntu-Touch for some time now. I have wrote some QML code for official Ubuntu-Touch calendar app and mean time I was also working on porting my Audiobook Reader application. This porting exercise helped me to understand how mature SDK is and also helped me to learn the SDK.

There were some minor issue with Ubuntu-Touch SDK, but nothing serious that can affect the work. As per Ubuntu-Touch development guideline, they prefer QML/Javascript and suggest to avoid C++ code as much as possible. This will help to make sure most of application is compatible for most Ubuntu platform. I tried to follow guideline and tried to not use C++ till now for app. I found myself missing C++ now and then, sometimes there are plugins that we can use instead and sometime there is no alternative. Mostly I missed the File IO, surely SDK team will come up with something, but till now there is no solution.

Anyway, I did not faced any major issue and was able to create initial version of Audiobook Reader quite easily without much problem. Following is demo.

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