Sunday, February 3, 2013

Audiobook Reader for BlackBerry BB10

For past some time I was working on porting my Audiobook Reader application to BlackBerry BB10 platform.

Application is quite similar to Meego version, though there are few feature missing in BB10 which are available on Meego version. I thought I will work on that once I have some feedback from existing version. So if you have installed and have some feedback kindly provide those.

Application is available both as free version and paid version. Feature wise both version are same, only difference is free version is ad sponsored.

Here is live demo on BB10 dev alpha device.

Here are few snapshot of application for BB10.

Hope you will like the application.


  1. Just what I was looking for to listen to podcasts/radio shows/audiobooks, resumes right where I left off, even after a battery pull. There are two features that I would like to see in this app:
    - read audio files from SD card
    - Play/Pause using the device's convenience key

    1. Thanks for feedback. I am planning to implement those features one i got the device.

  2. Hello Kunal - great little app and covers most of the things needed - a few additions might be useful

    1: access to sd card essential as BB make copying files to BB memory near impossible

    2: fast forward and back would be cool - I don't just mean skip to next track because audiobooks usually single file obviously

    3: err not sure how to say this but if you incorporate the suggestion by previous commenter about the play pause key that is great but do not use the BB option of holding volume key to skip - that is a pain in the arse - when fumbling in pocket to change volume skipping whole volumes is possible.

    And hey thanks this is a useful product -


    1. Right now BB took my development device back and did not replaced it back. That it preventing the upgrade. I am planning to add support for SDCard and Multimedia key already.

      Regarding the fast Forward and backward, Its already supported. If you press the progress bar, it will allow you to move slider back and forth, thus allows fast forward and backward. Please watch the video, that might give you some addition UI hints.

  3. I would like to see 4 more buttons near the progress bar.

    Skip back 60 seconds
    Skip back 30 seconds
    Skip forward 30 seconds
    Skip forward 60 seconds

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for feedback. There is already slider control by using you can skip to any point you want easily.

      Have you tried that ?

  4. I have a Z10 with 10.1 I am unable to add folders from the SD card. The only folder I can add is the "books" folder, any sub folders inside it can not be added and I can not even see MP3 files inside those folders with the app. If I copy any of those folders to the device memory then I can add them with no problem.

    1. I am analyzing the issue, I will release fix soon. Thanks for feedback.

  5. I have the paid version of the app. I just encountered a possible bug. I listened to a portion of my current audio book on my commute. My battery later died with the app still open in an active frame. When I charged my phone and powered it back on, the app had "lost my place" and restarted the audio book from the beginning. Kind of annoying to have to attempt to refind my place. Anyone else seen this?

    Also I agree with a previous poster it would be nice to have a couple skip forward and back buttons at times. Sometimes if you missed a part for whatever reason it would be nice to simply jump back 30 or 60 seconds to relisten to a missed passage. The scroll bar can be hard to use for small increments especially if the audiobook is really long in length.

    Lastly Is there a way to have this as the default audio app? I use it over bluetooth in my truck and every time it connects it tries to open the stock media player and starts playing random crap. would be nice if it just opened your app and continued my book. I know "first world problems." lol. Wishful thinking. :-)

    Great app though, I use it daily hence why I bought the paid version.

    Thanks for a great app!

    1. Hi Kavin, Thanks for using my app ( and purchasing it :) ). I guess due to battery problem, OS did not do proper shutdown of application, I will look in to the issue.

      I am also planning to add those skip buttons as well, as many people suggested those.

      I am not sure how to associate my app as default audio app, but I will try if that's possible.

    2. Hey Kunal,

      I figured that was the case with losing my position. Maybe you can have the app save the position to a file every time it is pause or something to that effect. :-)

      Looking forward to the updates, hopefully the new SDK that was released will allow for some new features.

      Thanks for the quick response too. It's nice to see a developer actively following up.


    3. Welcome :), I was also planning something like that, save pos every track change or on pause event and like wise...

      I haven't studied new SDK yet, I hope it will help to improve the app experience

  6. Hi All,

    I published new version for Piad App, with advance skip option, background playing and other UI improvemnts.


    1. Hi Kunal!
      Hope you update to the new version free applications.