Friday, November 4, 2011

Taking backup of Audiobook Reader on N9/N950

Recently I upgraded my N950 to PR 1.1 and realized that its camera is not working any longer.

After googling a bit I found that issue can be solved by flashing "Linux_OCF_39-5_RM680-RM680-OEM1.bin" image. But that means loosing all data, you can use backup and restore app but unfortunately my Audiobook Reader currently dose not support backup restore.  I need to  implement this feature in next release.

But if you need this support currently like me, then you can try following work around.

Audiobook reader setting file is store at "/home/user/.config/kunal/audiobookreader.conf". You can copy this file to your pc using ssh and then restore it at same place when you need.

I am not sure but same trick can be used for N900 as well.

Hope this helps.

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