Friday, July 9, 2010

Recording screen acrivity on Ubuntu

Some time we need to record screen activity in video, there are many option in windows but on Ubuntu I found one cool command line utility that can record your screen activity.

Tool is "recordmydesktop", there is also GUI version of it but I found it quite limited in capability. Like I can not record some portion on particular windows. Using this command line tool I can do so and there are quite other interesting feature as well.

To install this tool use "sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop" on command line.

And to start recording particular portion of you desktop, you can use following command.

"recordmydesktop -x 700 -y 180 --width 720 --height 400"

This command will start recording your screen activity, to stop just press CTRL + C on command prompt and it will save recorded video on out.ogv file in current directory.

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