Friday, May 28, 2010

Trying out MeeGo SDK

Yesterday first release of MeeGo OS for netbook and N900 was out and with this SDK for MeeGo was also out.

I tried to install MeeGO SDK on my computer. Installation is easy and dose not required much user intreaction.

I also tried to develop helloworld application and with no effort I was able to create my first application for MeeGo device.

MeeGo use Qt as Application development framework and QtCreator is it's primary IDE.

MeeGo's site has vary good instruction for installation of SDK and getting started with development.

Here is link for SDK setup and Here is link for tutorial for getting started.

Finally here are few snaps from my SDK installation and my fist application for MeeGo device.


  1. kunal bhai , can we install meego OS in our workstation or laptops ? i would like to learn Meego Programming, please share some more links and tutorials. --chinmaya

  2. I tried to install meego os on vmware, but it did not boot. But you can install SDK, there is link to SDK and tutorial in my post.