Friday, July 10, 2015

Creating array of IBOutlets of NSLayoutConstraint's from Swift in iOS

While working on my iOS app, I wanted to modify UI Constraint set from Interface Builder from Swift code.

Below video shows how we can create Array of IBOutlets using Interface Builder. Here I am creating array of NSLayoutConstraint, which I want to modify from Swift Code.

Now lets see how we can manipulate constraints from swift. First we need to define array of IBOutlet. Below code shows the same.
@IBOutlet var constraints: Array?
Now, once you connect IBoutlet from Interface Builder as shown in above video. You can use those. In below code I am modifying NSLayoutConstraint's constant value.
if( Utils.isIPad() ) {
    for constraint: NSLayoutConstraint in constraints! {
        if(Utils.isIPad()) {
            constraint.constant = 30
That's it, Thank you for reading.

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