Friday, June 21, 2013

Inviting Application Review from Application in BB10 using Cascades API

Most time people leave a review for application when they are unhappy but if they are happy with your app, Chances are high that they will ignore the review. And this might leave impression on App World that your application if not working fine and is of low quality.

To overcome this we might offer user a option to review application from within application and some user might be happy enough to provide review.

BB10 has nice QML Cascades API, which makes the task very easy. Only few lines of code and you can have option to offer review from application.

Following is the code which I am using. You can use InvokeActionItem, with actions property of Page. "sys.appworld" this is invocation target id for App World. And in URI you need to mention your application's ID, which you can find from App World.
Page {
    actions: [
        InvokeActionItem {
            title: "Rate Application"
            ActionBar.placement: ActionBarPlacement.InOverflow
            imageSource: "rate.png"
            query {
                invokeTargetId: "sys.appworld"
                invokeActionId: "bb.action.OPEN"
                uri: "appworld://content/20200034"

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