Thursday, December 27, 2012

BlackBerry Port-A-Thon rewards

Recently BlackBerry hosted Port-A-Thon event. Event was about porting apps to new BB10 platform. Based on number of Apps ported they will provide appropriate rewards.

I also took part in this event, I ported my Meego based Qt application to BB10 device and I was rewarded with BB10 Dev Aplha B device and a BlackBerry Playbook.

Its quite encouraging how BlackBerry is providing developer support and hosting various event. Its helps both BlackBerry and developers.

Following are few snaps, I will create another post for unboxing for Playbook and Dev Alpha


  1. Hi,

    Which port-a-thon was this for?

    I took part in the one the middle of December but have not heard anything concrete back about rewards.


    1. This was from Port a Game thon. Check your spam box, for me one mail went in to spam. Or try contacting the developer support mailing list. They are quite helpful.

    2. Thanks. One other question if you wouldnt mind, were all your apps that were approved for the app world accepted for the port-a-thon? Most of my apps were accepted for the app world, but im not sure if that means they meet the requirements of the port-a-thon rewards.


    3. yes, mine all apps were approved. Generally they should contact you with info for all the apps qualified for this event and what your rewards will be and also how to claim those.