Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crazy Chickens game with Motion detection

Past some time I was working on update of my application Crazy Chickens for N9.

In new version, Game character recognizes gesture based on user motion and move his bucket accordingly to catch egg. Game uses the phone back camera to capture image and recognizes gesture by tracking motion of some predefined colored object, which user is holding and moving to move the character. Hope you will enjoy the new update.

There also some minor update in UI and game logic to make game more enjoyable.

You can download app from following link,
- Fixed web browser:
- Nokia mobile browser:

Game need some setup before you play the game, You will need to connect phone to TV using TV out cable and place phone such that it back camera faces you. Game can recognized four color, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. You need to choose one color and hold that colored object in hand. To move character to put bucket under hen, you need to move colored object in direction of hand. 

Please also make sure that you are fully visible and color object's movement does not go out of camera frame. Also make sure that there is enough light in room else game might has problem recognizing color clearly.

If you don't have TV out cable then you can install VNC server on Phone and connect it from PC to project phone's screen on PC.

Hope you will like the update. Please let me know if you have any feedback. I will try to update game with your feedback.


  1. This is one of the most unique games for Harmattan, well done!

    1. Thanks :), if you have played the game, share your experience with me :)

  2. You doing any more software for harmattan soon, or updates to existing sw?

    1. lately i stopped working on harmattan project. Currently trying out BB10.

    2. Do you plan do one more app or update existing stuff, or will u just move to Sailfish?

    3. I think i will just move to sailfish. My n950's lcd is now broken. could not use it for development anymore.