Friday, February 10, 2012

Unboxing Nokia Lumia 800

I recently received Nokia Lumia 800 from Nokia Launchpad program. Following are few unboxing snaps.

So far experiance is good, nice little box with accessory and phone cover.

Phone build quality is good and fealt solid while holding it.
I was not able to get beyound following screen, it stuck here and I was not able to boot phone. I can not understand if this screen meant to connect it to pc or it is asking for charging. I tried both but did not get success. Thus unboxing ends here and starts my struggle with my first windows phone.

Update: Now that I received replacement device, I was able to boot and use it for some time. Here are few snaps after power on. I used it only for some time, I prefer to use my meego device, but I liked this device a quite a lot, its animation is quite smooth and fluid. It's UI is quite refreshing and simple. App are lauhced in vary responsive manner and did not faced any hang. Office integration is good and I can easily access my skydrive account from it.

Thing I dont liked are, not able to upgrade it over the air, lack of mass storage, must use of zune( which is not availble for linux), and most dispressing I can not develop apps for it as tools are only for windows. Still device is good and I would like to try developing for it, someday when I have access to windows machine.



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