Saturday, April 30, 2011

Audiobook Reader for N900 using QML and Phonon

Now days I am trying to learn Qt Quick (QML) and as exercise I decided to upgraded my Audiobook reader application to use QML.

Outcome is pretty good I think, GUI looks much more impressive than earlier though feature set remain same as before.

Currently new version is waiting to be approved by Ovi Store QA. As soon as its cleared you can download it for free from Ovi Store. But its only available for N900 users.

Following is demo video on Qt SDK simulator, Please note that File Dialog will be different on actual hardware.

Following are screen capture from application.


  1. Hi, this is an excellent app, which I recently downloaded and find it to be the best audiobook app for the N900 so far. It's better than Panucci, which doesn't recognize .m4b files (this does), and Panucci hangs sometimes when I try to add folders.

    However, this app does have one rather annoying shortcoming: the inability to navigate chapters in a book (skip or go back). If that feature is added, this will be the perfect audiobook reader for the N900.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for feedback. I will add requested feature so that you can select and play individual chapter from book.

  3. Hi, As requested, I have added above feature to applicaiton. New version is now live on Ovi store.

    Please find more information here,