Sunday, November 21, 2010

Symbian development from Ubuntu machine

Like I have already told in my past few posts that currently I am working on porting my application to Symbian. Another problem while developing for Symbian is, there are different SDK for different version of Symbian and you need to setup all those SDK to support different symbian version and also Symbian SDK are currently supported only on windows platform.

But now, both problems are solved by new Nokia Qt SDK by adding remote compiler feature in its latest release.

Compiling is one part of development, but we also need to test our application on device and as individual developer its quite hard to get hold on different device. This problem is also solved by Forum Nokia from quite some time by Remote Device Access portal.

Remote Device Access allows you to use device remotely for testing purpose. Its has almost all latest device to test with. Thought it might not be possible to test all use case remotely but most use case can be tested remotely.

I am putting some snaps that show how to setup Nokia Qt SDK with remote compiler feature and how to access Remote Device Access portal.

So, you will see welcome screen after starting Nokia Qt SDK installation like below.

After agreeing license agreement, you need to select type of installation. As shown in figure you need to select Custom as type of installation.

After selecting custom for type of installation,select Experimental to enable remote compiler feature.

Now, wait till installation gets completed. After insallation gets completed you need accept Terms of Sevice to enalle Remote Complier in Qt Creator and login using Forum Nokia login id.

Go to Tools -> Options -> Projects to enable Remote Compiler.

Few snaps, how build is performed in remote compiler

After build gets done, it will produce sis file that you can use to test. Now to test this sis file on Remote device access.

Go to

You need to login using Forum Nokia login id, its free to all forum nokia member. After successfully login you can choose phone to test application.

Select phone and it will launch Remote Device Access application with interface to intreact with phone.

You can upload your sis file to device to install it.

Now you can test your application on device using Remote Device Access. Following is video from my application using Remote Device Access.

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