Sunday, February 21, 2010

Run windows games on Ubuntu 64 bit

I have struggled a lot for installing and running windows game on my Ubuntu 64 bit machine. There are lots of article that explain how to install windows games on Ubuntu but most article refer to 32 bit installation of Ubuntu and for me those instruction does not work. So i am here sharing what i did to run windows games on my 64 bit machine with Ubuntu OS.

1) Install wine.
sudo apt-get install wine1.2

2) Get wine tricks from

3) Install following software using winetricks. (I am not sure if all software are required or not but i did it anyway)

type winetricks on command prompt and then select following component.


Now you system is ready to install windows games. Once you installed game and is ready to rum the game.

Open terminal and type following command.

export LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=/usr/lib32/dri

then cd to place where game is installed. it should be in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files

and then run game from command prompt using wine game_name.exe

I don't know what this command does and what does it mean. But this command works for me.

After this I am able to run Cashflow and Sherlock Homes vs Jack the Ripper game on ubuntu machine. I also installed Assassin's Creed successfully and able to launch it successfully and able to see starting videos, but my graphics card is poor and is not able to support this game so was not able to play it.

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